Which teams should i invest in?

Game week 11 is coming and which players i should invest in you ask.

Here is something that can probably help you. 


There are teams which have a good run of games coming and these are the teams which players you should be going after as they might be good investment for probably a few weeks and also might help you in your barn dooring of players this week.


Teams to watch out for and good investment in these 2 months:


West Brom(Home)
Champions League vs Borrusia Dortmund
Carling Cup vs Man City
Champions League vs Olympiacos
Man City(Away)
Aston Villa(Away)

Arsenal really have a great run of games coming with the exception of City away in December. The other games seems pretty winnable for Arsenal as they just can't stop scoring at the moment. With Thomas Vermaelen coming back into the squad, Arsenal should have a more solid defence. But if you're not so keen on the defence, the attack is great choice.

Van Persie is the obvious choice here as he in the whole fulcrum of the Arsenal side. I was watching the European game against Marseille last night and Van Persie was rested and only came on in the second half. Without Van Persie, the team lack that spark and vigour that I see when Van Persie was playing against Chelsea. For a full price, he can cost you a bomb, but with the coming match ups, I feel he is fully worth it barring any injuries.

Other alternatives are of course, the more improving Theo Walcott is showing sign of life that the side is back attacking in full swing, Mikel Arteta and Aaron Ramsey showing some creativity there and Gervinho tricky feet can get lots of phantom points through assist and corners won. 

Depending on your budget and how you shape you team, Arsenal's attack may be good in investing in the coming weeks.



I would put spurs as the 2nd team in the teams to watch out for. They have won 6 out of their last 7 games so their form is outstanding right now after a shaky start. Spurs next few games are as follows.

Aston Villa(Home)
West Brom(Away)
Europa League vs PAOK
Europa League vs Shamrock Rover

As you can see, Tottenham's fixtures are not that bad. The only tough place to attack will probably be at Stoke's Britannia's Stadium where their defence will be quite solid in front of their own defence. I would put Chelsea as one of their harder games but Chelsea defence are now also in the Tottenham/Arsenal mould. Chelsea are also now more of an attack minded team rather than defence so expect goals there too. The rest of the games seems solid enough for Tottenham's attack players.

Again like their North London rivals Arsenal, Spurs have a dutchman of their own in Rafael Van Der Vaart whose form is also outstanding. Are Netherlands the team to beat in the coming Euro 2012? Also like Arsenal, they are also all about attack and not much of a defence to their side. 

Other options are of course the Welsh Wizard Gareth Bale and the Croatian Cavalier, Luka Modric. With Parker in the side holding the midfield, Bale and Modric have more freedom to attack.


Manchester United

Yes, Manchester United would be the third team here. But honestly they barely made this post as their form isn't that great with not much attacking prowess comparing to the two North London clubs above. Stoke almost made it here if not for their injury to their defence and their lost against Newcastle and a Demba Ba hat trick. Manchester United's fixtures are as follows.

Champions League vs Benfica
Carling Cup vs Crystal Palace
Aston Villa(Away)
Champions League vs Basel

Honestly, their fixtures seems like the easiest of the three teams here with the only tough one where goals seems a plenty are at Home to a Newcastle side in game week 13. I'm not really sure who to go with other than David De Gea. Rooney seems to be playing way to deep to be scoring goals and without Cleverley in the side, the team looks less energetic on the ball and doesn't look as threatening to the opposing teams like when Manchester United first started the season.

But with Vidic returning to the side, they are probably going to be solid again at the back so maybe go with the defence for now as they try to return to the form they started the season with and maybe go with the current league's top scorer in Wayne Rooney.




Other teams that might make would be Stoke who have a few good games at home against QPR and Blackburn. They seem very solid at home but a recent injury to Ryan Shawcross and Mark Wilson meant a little bit of reshuffling in the defence which I think cause that defeat to Newcastle. Andy WIlkinson might be a good choice but it is still a risk to go with Stoke defence or even attack. Only go with them if you feel they will get something from the game.


Teams to be maybe stay away from:

Manchester City and Newcastle United

Teams like Manchester City, Newcastle have really tough games coming up in November and December so limit your choices from these teams with the exception of Aguero, Silva, and maybe Demba Ba. Both sides will face the likes of Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, and Manchester United. City probably with the hardest fixture of all in December playing Bayern Munich in the Champions League, Chelsea, Arsenal, and Stoke in the space of 14 days. If City can win all of their matches in December, they will probably be a very serious contender for the title. 

Maybe most of you will disagree with me with putting City in here but these are just my thoughts. You can go on and keep faith with the likes of Aguero, Silva, Balotelli, Dzeko and Nasri for as long as you like. I myself have Aguero and Silva in my team since the start of the season.

I really feel December will be the true test that City will face. If they pass this test, then it is a big chance that City might win the league even though I hate to say that as I'm a Manchester United fan.

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