Official FPL Wildcard Team

Most managers are excited about the Wild Card (WC), while some have already played it. I know we discuss Yahoo FPL more here, but just for a change, sharing my opinions on the WC entries for the coming weeks.

I know how bad all those managers feel who did not believe in RVP as much and never bought him. Due to this mistake they were never able to buy RVP but now is the chance to free up some funds from the midfield department and use it to bring in RVP and other valuable players.

GW 22 has tough fixtures such as:

ManUtd vs Liverpool

Stoke vs Chelsea

Arsenal vs ManCity

Cant really predict who wins and who loses. I believe GW 23 is when the WC should be played where Arsenal plays West Ham and Chelsea, and West Ham plays Arsenal and QPR.

Seaon Keepers:


Luiz: Playing out of position and always a threat to the opposition.

(Ivanovic might work out as well)

O Brien: A good opportunity to grab a cheap defender who has a DGW as well.

Gibbs: Definitely on the watch list of many managers.

Smalling/Nastasic: At continuous threat of rest, but can make a good sub as he is cheap.

Cameron: or any other Stoke defender.


Wallcot/Cazorla: Both are costly but are producing good points and have a DGW coming up soon as well.

Michu: We all love him. Have him from the first week.

Mata/Hazard: Hazard used to be a star initially but now Mata is rising to new heights. Mata is only slightly expensive than Hazard, so take a pick.

Silva: A great way to enter ManCity as Toure will be leaving for Africa soon.

Fellaini: Now that he has served his suspension, i prefer him to Pienaar.

Nolan: Might work out for DGW, but do not expect a lot from him.

Ramirez: I have him and he returns his value when strong fixtures. He can be benched as well.

Bale: Has served his suspension and is a good option for an attacking midfielder.


RVP: The choice of all. This is the time to jump in and grab him even at 14M.

Suarez: Second to RVP in overall score and a must have at around 10M.

Tevez/Aguero: You never know who plays in what game. If you want to get involved in ManCity's games, get one of them, but you wont like it when your expensive lads go to bench.

C.Cole: A great way to get involved in the DGW. He can go to bench after that.

Ruiz/Pogrebynak/Graham/Anichebe/Jones: Under 6M and can be used to free up the funds and used occasionally.

Goal Keepers:

Shezny: Arsenal is looking strong and clean sheets will come.

Jaaskelein: Only because WH has a DGW.

Bunn: At 4M, gets regular starts and can be benched in your team.

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