Who wants a new BF?


Once as fantasy players we all had a soft spot for a certain type of player. He was a special player. A player who wasn't the best in real life, who you were happy wasn't playing for your side, but who you fell in fantasy love with. He my friends was known as BF or BLOG FAVOURITE and it is time he returned.

The hero could come in various molds. First he may be the player that no matter how all your other picks failed, there he was sporting 10-15 points despite being booed/moaned at by his own fans during the game. You could find your hero on the bench. Then with 18 minutes to go on he comes on, never mind if his team is chasing a game or winning game our boy would proceed to selfishly chasing those glorious points seemingly just for us. Be clear the scoreline of the game, his performance none of it mattered as far as fantasy points he ruled the world.

Some games all that greedy points snatching wasn't there, even for this freak of footballing fantasy nature. With 9 minutes left and before the days of accurate live yahoo scoring (it will happen right?) you had read the texts on various websites (if the net worked) and put him on zero points. You have seen the light about his real abilities. Dead to me you say then, bang, there is goalmouth scramble our hero pokes in a sot 3pts. In the 3 minutes that follow a second soft sot earning a corner won. He takes the corner, SC follows by an assist headed into the goal. Just like that 12pts. All is better again, check the fixtures oh yes away to Man Utd next week. Hmmmm I should drop him shouldn't I? Hmmmm yes fixture is all wrong. No he is my favorite, one more week. Following week Manu smash them 5-0. Our boy? gave the ball away leading to first and second goal so what. Hit his corners straight out of play (how do they do that?) but around 8pm when the points hit, wait for it there they are 10 fantasy points.

Then there is the BF of circumstance. Maybe you like someone like who always scores big against a certain team. Or I will share a friends idea of picking the single not family guys for the Boxing day program. They have spent best part of the last couple days in a family world they don't enjoy while thoughout looking forward to the post big day game. He actually would aim to pick a team based on this with interesting results. Looking ahead to this year look out for Soldado's fitness and starting place. On the day Spurs host WBA. Should Soldado not start Mr Defoe not known for his family lifestyle will be in my team thoughts.

Any of this bring back found memories? It did me. Got me to thinking who are your favorite fantasy players? No I'm not talking superstars like Ronaldo, Henry, Beckham, Lampard, Gerrard, Ruud, RVP, Shearer etc etc they don't meet the spec above do they. No I'm talking like the once BF (that's BLOG FAVORITE remember) Ashley Young or BFAY. For a few years this guy racked up the phantoms and such was his poor finishing ability he did what all players should do and concentrate on hitting the target. That is 3pts buddy and if Cech is in goal (yes I picked him last week damm him) maybe just maybe a goal.

Two years back Sigurdsson at Swansea was gold. He could do it all, goals, set piece goals, sc, cw, tw, fw assists shoot from everywhere, cross from everywhere. I won my private league that season just by having him at 7m. By the time the rest had caught up it was way too late.

Laurent Robert. Maybe never a better example. This guy was incredible. The standard setter!. Guess Newcastle bought him on the back of the success of Ginola. Sounds like Newcastle idea. In fact a current policy, are they french? do they speak french? yeah, ok sign him. Never mind the reasons this guy was the most pure fantasy player. So inconsistent in real life, man he frustrated. But he would shoot on site and I mean from any and everywhere. 3 on 2 on the break and his forward free in space at the classic 45 degree angle? yeah so what I'm shooting! Free kick by the touchline? yeah so what I'm shooting. Defender closing me down? no problem, teammate overlapping into space yes but there's no points in passing (Golden rule of the BF is to be selfish) so I will just cross into the box over and over winning sc, assist's and cw. No space to shoot or cross aha now here come the good bit, poorly shield the ball, feel slight or no contact go down and you have yourself a foul won. What's that saying point is points! Even better playing the official game then that soft fw in the box and you have yourself a potential assist my man.

So who are our current BF candidates? Who can we take to our hearts? We all have our own favourite but can we come to a joint decision and agree? lets rule out those star players, these players have to be below this standard (how again did Fergie choose to buy BFAY). With the new points system settling in our thoughts, who can we crown the new BF? can we have more than one?

Brady, Debuchy, Snodgrass, Lukaku, someone else? Who will start us off with a nomination?


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