Game by Game...(just for fun)

Which players to choose next game by game.

Arsenal vs Villa: (4-0 Arsenal)

Anyone from Arsenal. Nobody from Villa. Possible Clean Sheet Arsenal.

Fulham vs Stoke (3-1 Fulham)

Berbatov will score. Nobody from Stoke. No clean sheet on either side.

West Brom vs Sunderland (1-1)

Lukaku is a stud and will score. N'Diaye & A. Johnson will yield good returns. No clean sheets either side.

QPR vs United (2-0 United)

Taarabt you never know and his cost is high. (risk) Townsend will return good value. United: If you can figure out who will play? Rooney at a discount only and is still a risk with possible clean sheet for United but defenders are costly.Total gamble on either side here.

Norwich vs Everton (2-2)

Tough call: I see Snodgrass getting back in the goals here. Baines will account for Everton's goals and no clean sheet to be had in this one.

Newcastle vs Southampton (3-0 New Castle)

(Yummy) Sissoko/Cisse/Cabaye may all score here with Gouffran being a risk I would not take with so many other great options. Lambert is Southamption's only option here. Possible clean sheet for New Castle.

Manchester City vs Chelsea (4-1 Chelsea)

Hmmmm? I am just going to say it...Chelsea all over City. Mata/Hazard/Ba are all good options here

City: Nobody will return their value in this one. City may get one from somewhere so no clean sheets here.

West Ham vs Tottenham (4-0 Spurs)

Another one with good scoring options. BALE (GO FIGURE)if you can afford him, K2, if he starts is the best option going in this one for the price. Holtby is a big question for me but at the discount you really can't go wrong unless he sits? Do not take a zero for him as the discount is just to small to worry about. Spur's defenders are great options here. West Ham will play hard as always but just will not have enough to deal with Spurs. No options West Ham and possible clean sheet Spurs.

Reading vs Wigan (2-2)

Interesting! Reading, you really never know who will score so take a shot with someone as they will score here.

If Pogrebnyak gets a run out I may just pick him! DiSanto for Wigan. No clean sheets here.

Just for fun as I had nothing going on this hour! Just something to pass the time.

Hopefully, no spelling errors?

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