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Bale or not Bale this week. I’ve changed my mind and might go without. If he destroys Lyon tomorrow I’ll change my mind again. This is a big week. I need to cement my place at the top of my private league ahead of the Bolog prick and make up some ground on Nik(The Prick) Agiropopopopolololous. Here’s the players under consideration.


Bunn – He’s having a decent season and should be solid value. Norwich haven’t conceded a lot at home. City and Villa got 4 there but hard to see that happening again.

Krul Newcastle should win this. There’s a good chance Southampton will score but he should get a few saves in and a win.

If you have Lloris at 2 euro you’ll be keeping him so this doesn’t matter. I’m pretty sure I’m going to go with Krul. Seems the safest option to me. Al Habsi is very cheap but a big risk so no chance I’ll pick him. Reading have a good scoring record at home and Wigan have a terrible goals conceded record.


Kelly – If held at discount, no brainer. Still cheap enough to get in at full price.

Debuchy – Should be decent value with this match-up.

Monreal – He’ll be popular this week. I don’t expect a clean sheet but he should do ok.

Vertonghen – I still have him at 6 euro. He’s not a guaranteed started anymore so I don’t know if he’s worth keeping anymore.

Manolev – He might start in midfield for Fulham. Line ups will be out before deadline.

Kelly and Debuchy are dead certs. If Manolev starts, I’ll go with him. Probably Monreal over Verto if I can afford him.


Cazorla – Obv.

Holtby – Obv.

Bale – Probably won’t have him but obviously needs to be considered.

Walcott – The must have pick of the week I reckon.

Nani – If there’s any indication he’ll start, he’s a bargain.

FellainiEverton’s main chance of a goal. Could do well.

Sidwell – Kind of match he could easily get 10+ points in.

Hulahoop/Pilkington – I want a Norwich attacker and if it’s not Snoddy, it’ll be one of these.

Cabaye – Could get a big score in this match.

Cazorla, Holtby and Walcott are definites. Undecided on the last one. Leaning towards Cabaye.


Cisse – Definitely expect him to score this week.

Mirallas – He hasn’t been amazing since he came back but pretty cheap.

Gouffran – If you have on pre-up, good pick.

Giroud – He’s at home to Villa.

Ruiz – Pretty solid points with a winnable home game.

Snodgrass – Should be a pretty even match and he’ll rack up points.

Cisse,Ruiz and Snoddy are who I want. Unless I change my mind on Bale again and completely change my team. I don't think RVP, Rooney,Aguero, Mata, Hazard, Ba are worth it this week. All could get big scores though obviously. I expect QPR to make it tough for Utd and Chelsea to beat City.

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