OB Blog Player Picks Week 37



I hate double game weeks and Robles, Lennon and Aguero fucked me up this week. I'm now 2nd in my private league to The Bolog. A load of bollocks it is. This week is massive. There's going to be a lot of rotation at United, Chelsea and City so could be some bargains to be had there but the teams to conentrate on are the teams fighting for something. Arsenal, Spurs, Newcastle, Norwich, Sunderland all have vital games and really need wins. Everton and Liverpool have very winnable games and should do so.




Elliot - He should be the most popular pick this week. He only costs a euro, QPR haven't scored in 4 and Newcastle look a lot better with Coloccini back.

Bunn - Also dirt cheap with a good match.

Lindegaard - Don't think it's worth risking the fact he might not play. Will do well if he does though.




Dawson - Most people have him at 3. Worth keeping.

Jones - Should start at right-back. No-brainer.

Debuchy - 2 euro. No brainer.

Bardsley - 2 euro. Will start. Decent filler.

Maicon - There's a decent chance he'll play but not really worth the risk.

Toure - Meh. He's too fat for me but he will play.




Bale - Stoke are safe now and they are shite. Bale could go big.

Walcott - Podolski has been shite so chance he could play up front. Must have pick this week.

AJ - Sunderland should be up for this one, he's their main attacking threat and should be on set pieces.

Ben Arfa - He should do very well against the worst team in the league.

Coutinho - Been Liverpools best player recently and Fulham are on holidays.

Pienaar/Fellaini/Osman/Gibson - All decent picks.

Pilkington/Hulahoop - Could be good differential picks.

Scholes - If he's fit enough or even nearly fit enough, he'll play this week for obvious reasons.




Cisse - The best striker pick this week.

Dzeko - Should start and great match up.

Graham - Decent differential pick

Van Persie - Should start and score at least one

Mirallas - Can always go big

Holt - He'll start and a great price

Adebayor - Great price if he keeps his from up



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