The Bolog. Week 38 Picks.



Please come to Utd Gareth.

Well we're down to the final week of the season and it's time for the first and last Bolog of the season.

Myself and the much hated around these parts O.B Blog are separated by just 3 points in our mini league. A shot on target apart. Too close. I however did miss one week of the season when the time on my poxy laptop lied to me and was sitting there at what I thought was 11.59 pressing save changes only to be told I couldn't save.

Yes I should have made my mind up on team before this and it shouldn't have happend. But I also know O.B is hating the fact it's this close with me missing a week. I'm currently in 322nd overall.

Unlike O.B and 'Nick the Prick' I don't claim to be a proper Blogger. To do that you have to post a blog on a reliable basis which neither do unlike the Americanos. Pricks both of them really. Right to the picks. Unlike those lazy fuckers my picks will have matchup (caps for home fixture) and cost included.




Update Lindegard confirmed starting so he back in the blog , should of stuck to my original guns rather listening to mofos below

Lindegard wba 3euro 21 cent. Hate the fucker but he's a good pick this week.

Robbles V AVL 1 (1 euro) : It's risky but he's a euro. Wigan are down and Villa are safe so its not going to be a minus 10 or anythin. No Benteke for Villa either.Too many options to spend on keeper this week




Dawson V SUND : You should have him cheap if you dont why dont you? He's 6 eur 46 cent if you dont.

Debuchy V ARS (1 euro 96) Should return his value which is all you're looking for at this price.

Carragher (6.44) , Coates (1.92) V QPR : If it looks like Coates will start again he's a bargain against the absolute shitness that is Qpr. Carraghers last game for Liverpool at Anfield.

If you got Bardsley on the barndoor like me at 2.04 he's a Bale enabler. Another goal would be nice.

If it looks like Taylor for Swansea is gonna start again he's worth a look at 2.99 but Id say Ben Davies could get the nod seen as hes had a good season, have a look for team news anyway.

I dont spend on my defenders and that's reflected above.



Really should have kept him.


Walcott V new Has to be kept at 15.94 for their must win match. Wouldn't pay full whack but you should have had him anyway.

Bale V SUND (31.92) You have to think he'll get 1 or 2. The problem is 1 goal isn't enough to justify his price. He needs 2 and his inevitable phantom points. This is a tricky decision and one I wont make until I weigh up which 2 players I'm sacrificing for him.

Michu V FUL (14.46) I missed him on the barndoor as there were too many options. The problem with him is his lack of phantom points but I think he'll score against Fulham who have been absolute shit the last few weeks. I really don't like Fulhum under Jol, there's no personality to the team whatsoever. Theyd have been fucked without Berbatov.

CoutinhoV QPR (11 euro 97 cent) Another I missed on barndoor which is annoying because OB got him and will definitely keep him. Coutinho has been scoring solid points since getting in the side but he should be getting more points, and goals, for how good a players he is. Shelvey (4.19) is worth a look in as an enabler.

I still hold Ben arfa at 8.12, 10.39@ retail, he could do some damage in what will be an open game with arsenal going for it.



Points machine.


Sturridge QPR Luckily I got him on the barndoor at 18euro 21 cent and so should have you. He's 26.74 otherwise. He'll defintiely score 1 if not 2.

Adebayor V SUND (10 euro 92 cent) He's in form but do you trust this fucker? I really dont know. I wouldnt have him and Bale that's for sure. Sunderland are safe now though and he'll want to do one over on Arsenal. If it wasn't the last week with a 3 point difference in the mini league I'd go for him so we'll have to see.

Aguero V NOR I got him on barndoor at 14.19 so it'll be between him and Adebayor. I defo see him scoring against Norwhich. He came off with a knock last night though so keep an eye on team news. Theres prob better options at retail (18.29)

Podolski is worth a mention if you barndoored him but dont pay full whack.He might be shifted back to wing with Giroud the useless fucker back. Watch for Wengers press conference.


"I'm happy to have him back," said Wenger.

"He has been out for a while now and missed some games so he will be full of enthusiasm and can help us at some stage. Is it from the start or coming on? I don't know yet."

I'll be avoiding Podolski now.

Caroll V RED (11 euro 19 cent) is worth a mention. Can see a goal here for him defo. Reading are utter dirt, at least qpr were a little entertaining at times this season but Reading, Jayzuz.

Hernandez V wba (11.29) When he plays he scores and Van persie has been moved deep for him to be the frontman. That fat moanbag Rooney wont play and I hope he's gone for next season so this man can finally make his mark.

Blackman for 1 euro is your ultra enabler if needed.

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