K.M.'s Week 22 Player Picks (Oh Boy!)

Chris Brunskill

The time for another K.M.'s player picks has arrived. According to many post throughout the past few weeks it appears many managers are doing very well, and the guiding hands of Mo, Kellz and Das. are leading the way. Well, I am here to put an end to that!

I give you...K.M.'s Player Picks.


TIM KRUL: Since there are so many great mid-priced options this week I am not recommending any of the "premium" keepers unless you have some kind of discount. Coming in @7.21 and playing at West Ham this could be the pick of the week.

J. RUDDY: Granted, Norwich have been out-of-sorts but they have also shown that they can stall any game down to a sleeper. Hosting a traveling Hull side, I can only hope this game is not the one I have to watch this weekend. A solid return on a 7.62 investment will be certain.

A. McGREGOR: The flip side to Ruddy. Coming in @6.32 this is you best budget option of the week. Could be his best return of the year. No need to look it up it was 14 points in week 19. If you can wash the (-2) from last week out of your mouth, this could be the week he pays everyone back.


FIGUEROA: Yes, that is correct. Along with C. Davies who is currently on my team as I fall just short on funds for Figueroa, this is my top choice of the week. Hopefully will be playing a wide midfield spot and his recent excellent play will transfer into actual fantasy points this week.

C. Davies: See Figueroa.

BAINES: Only if you hold at a discount and even that is a bit spooky this week.Regardless, there is no way you can keep him out of your line up this week or any week going forward.

GIBBS: Only because he is coming in at 11.62 does he make the list. Truth be told I am convinced Arsenal will NOT keep a clean sheet against Fulham which is why I would personally stay away but I know all you Arsenal fans are licking your chops and plan to load your team with Arsenal players. Attackers, sure. Defenders/Keeper, approach with caution.

WARD: Should be back in his favorite spot (at least for us anyway) and even at retail he his worth having. Playing an improved Stoke side (like saying my team is doing better) this has everything you could want in a match up for his type of play. A must start and currently on my team.

DISTIN: Should return this week and with a 10.21 price tag this is a hard one to pass on. For all those who do not have Baines at a discount this is a great way back into Everton's back line.

CITY DEFENDERS: Another game I just don't have a good feeling on for fantasy returns but feel free to load & go here. Playing at home against Cardiff looks great I must admit, but I see better returns from other match ups this weekend. I currently have Kompany and will hold as I like his discounted price.

S. Reid and S. Taylor: Coming in at 4.59 & 3.72 either one or both could make for a nice bench options this week.


OZIL: He is by far my top choice for this weekends games. Not really, just feeding off all the wonderful Ozil comments from this past weekend. However, he is (at his discount) a must play this weekend as he loves the home fans.

RAMSEY: It appears he is back and "should" start. Hard to say exactly what shape he is in as we did not see any of him on Monday which has me worried a bit. Will wait for late week information before going forward on this choice. (This is a major wait & see option).... UPDATE... Ramsey, Arteta and Vermaelen out for Arsenal. Monreal and Rosicky both very doubtful

ELMOHAMADY: Oh be QUIET..It is actually a toss up between him & Huddlestone as I like either one this week but I just have a good feeling on him. Depending on Ramsey information he could be in my line up this weekend.

NAVAS: My overwhelming choice of all City midfielders this weekend. Just not enough spots to go around this weekend but if you have room this is your guy.

REDMOND: The Norwich version of Taarabt this guy loves to shoot when he is on the pitch. Not sure of a goal or even a start but this guy will be extremely active if he gets a run out.

CABAYE: Feel I have to put him out there to keep from being yelled at. I feel his price is to high and many better options are out there. I would choose say Ward (and I have) at 5 mil less and is averaging the same returns. Great match up and he will do well this week. Not sure he will get you 20 however.

ERIKSEN: The guy is in great form, he has a great match up and should have plenty of chances this weekend at Swansea. Currently in my team (at his discounted price of 14.41) About as high as I would go on him at the moment.

OX! Coming in at 2.45 lets just say I have my midfield bench option for this week.


SUAREZ: I repeat, if you do not have him by now fantasy knitting my be your thing.

Sturridge: If you picked him up at a discount then he should be in your line up. If you did not and he does well you better not miss again.

GIROUD: Fulham are awful and even worse on the road when it comes to giving up goals. Not sure how bad this could get and I am not sure what awful x worse equals but it does not look good.

REMY: Been a bit quiet lately but playing at West Ham should wake him up some. His price is a tasty 12.81 and may be that player who could make a difference for you this week.

CHAMAKH: Coming in at 6.95 this is a nice budget option this week and depending on your formation he could make a wonderful bench option allowing for those risky picks you may be thinking about.

ADEBAYOR: This may be a risky pick as the Spurs may be moving players around some this weekend but this is certainly the type of match up he shines in.

NEGREDO/AGUERO: I know many are considering Negredo and I am sure if Aguero gets a run out this week and does (anything) he will be a major consideration for this weekend. I do not like this match up and I am passing on Negredo and will wait & see on Aguero.

My current team looks like this: (Updated)





Bench: Ox/Oviedo/Diarra/Harper (.24/bank)

Good luck everyone!

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