Professor M's Numbers: Week 21 Best Team

It has been a awful run of weeks for me. I am living up more and more to my team name (Dazed & Confused), and have now dropped down to 329 in the Global rankings (140 this past week alone). I guess that is what happens when all the big and popular teams do well (read a story that bookmakers might have lost £30 million this week because the top 7 all won). It doesn't help one's morale when at least one of those teams should have given up a goal the ref disallowed, which also ended up giving many a competitor a very nice fantasy week. In fact, that disallowed Tiote goal had a direct impact on this week's best team!

Best Team

Here is your best team for GW 21. While it would have been impossible to field without discounts, as long as you had Suarez at under £30M and had some good fillers, you could have done it. 290 possible points is the highest since GW16's 317, and since many of the top performers (and those just off this list) came from the popular squads, this week's highest score in Yahoo was not TOO far off at 214.The bench is a bit short this week as there were players across all positions that hit at least 18 points, although the best formation was a 3-5-2. Just behind at 17 points would have been other forward choices such as Sturridge, Hazard and Mirallas, and at 16 you could have had Welbeck or Walters. Honorable mentions also go to Midfielders C. Adam (17) and Eriksen (16), as well as defender Luiz (16).

Week 21
Player Pts Cost
L. Suárez (F - LIV) 33 34.51
Á. Negredo (F - MAC) 21 12.99
Adam Johnson (M - SUN) 38 8.13
Ki Sung-Yueng (M - SUN) 21 10.04
M. Noble (M - WHU) 21 11.08
G. Barry (M - EVE) 19 8.74
A. Lallana (M - SHN) 18 16.3
A. Kolarov (D - MAC) 18 11.02
L. Baines (D - EVE) 18 16.52
P. Evra (D - MAN) 18 16.16
Adrián (G - WHU) 27 1.25
Captain Points 38
total points 290 146.7
on the bench
J. Hart (G - MAC) 20 14.6
S. Gerrard (M - LIV) 18 17.02

Keats & Yeats List

We have several new players on the Keats & Yeats list of multiple appearances in the Best Team since I started keeping track at GW10. Joining this week with their second Best Team honor are Kolarov, Negredo, and Baines. Suarez adds a 6th showing to continue to lead everyone, while Lallana joins Walcott as the only players with more than two appearances other than Suarez.

Multiple Appearances
L. Suárez (GWs 10, 14, 15, 16, 17, 21)
A. Lallana (GWs 11, 17, 21)
T. Walcott (GWs 16, 18, 20)
A. Kolarov (GWs 20, 21)
Á. Negredo (GWs 13, 21)
A. Ramsey (GWs 10, 13)
B. Oviedo (GWs 13, 14)
C. Eriksen (GWs 18, 20)
D. de Gea (GWs 16, 19)
E. Hazard (GWs 14, 18)
J. Rodriguez (GWs 14, 18)
J. Shelvey (GWs 12, 14)
L. Baines (GWs 20, 21)
L. Koscielny (GWs 12, 20)
M. Figueroa (GWs 16, 19)
M. Özil (GWs 14, 15)
P. Bardsley (GWs 11, 17)
S. Agüero (GWs 10, 12)
S. Berahino (GWs 10, 20)
S. Coleman (GWs 16, 19)
S. Parker (GWs 12, 18)
S. Sidwell (GWs 15, 20)
T. Krul (GWs 11, 17)
V. Kompany (GWs 17, 18)
Yaya Touré (GWs 10, 14)

So that is this week's best team. Can you figure out who will make the list next week? I am preparing for the upcoming term, so I am not sure if I will get other numbers up this week. Given my performance lately, perhaps looking at the numbers I have is not a good idea.

Prof. M

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