KM's KM's Double Double Week Week 31 31 Player Player Picks Picks!!

Seeing double? Getting your picks right is essential this week.

For those who have been watching my progress over this season know all too well that I am having a less then steller year......BUT ...That is not going to stop me from telling you what to do!!

I give you KM's Week 31 Player Picks!!


Szczesny: Keepers can make or break a Double Week and if you have the cash to splash spend no more then 15.53 on Arsenal's top guy. Stop all the crying about a road game at Chelsea and he "might" give up a hoo. Time is running out on the season and if your not happy with your attacking players drop a dime on the big Arsenal man.

Howard/Adrian: Both men come in at basically the same cost so it's "flp a coin" time if you are considering either one. Personally I would go Adrian for the two home games and the more I think about Everton's defence the more uneasy I become, so Adrian!

McGregor: Now come on people! @2.72 Playing a double week this is the slice of the pie you have been waiting for. Attacking players need money!! In my opinion when Bill releases this weeks Top 50 Player Picks I will predict he will be in 40+ teams. Pick it & click it people!!


Baines: I hate this pick! Nearly every defender worth choosing this double week is costly so just suck it up and spend the money. The problem will be spending it wisely and I feel Baines WILL NOT have a good double week, however that does not mean I don't think he looks good on YOUR team!

C. Davies: Now were talking people.@15.95 he comes in a bit under Baines and will give you a few extra bucks to beef up the attack. Gives me goose bumps just thinking about it!

Mertesacker: The BFG currently sits on my team and at his barn door price of 12.20 he will stay. Retail is a bit high however and better choices are out there..see above. Note: Again..Boo frickin Hoo on big bad Chelsea. Rack'm up!

Zabaleta: Oh, if we only knew who would get two games on City's less costly defenders but if you like City for two clean sheets then he is it and good luck on any other City defender.

Skrtel: I looked and I read and I looked again and I wish I could recommend more then one Liverpool defender but I cannot. Spend the cash and move on as looking for a budget play here may just get you a zero for game 1 or 2.

Figueroa: Its going to become a bit obvious that I like Hull City Players on the double week and Figueroa is no exception. @13.53 there are only a few defenders that cost less and are worth a place in you starting 11 unless you are using single game OR (discounted) players in order to go big on attack.

Chester: Here is the exception to the rule this week. @8.01 there is no better option this week to fit in a budget defender so look no further. Go big..Go Chester or Go home this double week!


Gerrard: Don't have him ,can't afford him so I have nothing to lose by telling you this will be the Lallana pick of last week. For all those who held on to him at a discount good for you (I hate you) but if you are looking to grab him anyway at retail just to "keep pace" I am saying will be a mistake! A big mistake!

City Midfield: Come one come all to game 1 of 2 that is home to Fulham. YaYa/Silva/Nasri.. Silva barn door price ONLY ! Hard to see a poor return on any of these guys for this game. United will just be what it is but this should be a good start for these players.

Coutinho/Sterling: I don't know! That's it! Will they both play 2? Who has the best chance? Gave me a head ache so this will be up to you to decide. I don't have either one at this point.

Huddlestone: Now were back to some serious midfield discussion. @13.16 if you are looking to balance out your double gamers then this could be a great place to start.

Cazorla: Barn door price 15.87 or lower and to be honest if I were you I would stay away and let me take the bullet all by myself. There is no need for anybody to go down in flames with me on this one.

A. Johnson: Sunderland have to away games (yuck) but at a cool 11.94 he falls in into the same category as Huddlestone as a great player to balance out a squad. I will take a leap and say he has a good of chance of any on returning investment the double week. so yes, 20 points for the two games. (close enough!)

Livermore: That's a sneaky one isn't it? At 8.01 who knows. With the bench playing ZERO PART this week we are certain to need 1-2 "less costly" players in order to get a good blend of top shelf attackers for two games.


Suarez/Sturridge: Have them both..WELL GET THEM BOTH! This is why you have Mbiwa in your line up or something like that. It's not to fit in Nolan so if you do not have both then I have nothing left to say to you.

Lukaku: From what I have been reading we (may) be looking at only one start and a "come off the bench" game. The problem is he is better off the bench so this is a tough call. I dropped him so you are on your own but the match ups are tasty!!

Dzeko/Negredo: I am having a real hard time with this. Both look fixed to start and like I said earlier it will be home to Fulham. Negredo is currently on my team @9.92 and he "could" give me a 3x return in game #1....if he plays :)

Rooney: I like the guy but the match ups are not good here. Sure 10 points per game should be there but will that allow you to keep pace because more then that will be quite the stretch.

Jelavic: I like this pick. Match ups are (fair) and he is finding his way to the goal MUCH more often. Granted many of the times the effort falls a bit short but he is the goal...nonetheless.

Carroll: @8.16 this looks like a deal that's hard to pass on but I am! There is just something about two games locked in with him at the (1) striker position I have left to assign and I just can't give it to Andy Carroll..sorry!

Current team: (IN Progress)





Most of it I like but will change to be sure. Trying different formations. Kind of like this one?

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