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Staff Picks: Best FPL Differential for DGW-37 + Reader Poll

Players with <5% ownership in FPL who should be on your shopping-list for DGW-37

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Fantrax EPL NMA-11 Cup: Semifinals Results and Final Preview

The finalists have been determined!

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Fantrax GW-37 Player Picks 

The penultimate week has five teams with doubles. And several teams still have a LOT to play for.

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EPL DGW-37 FPL Player Picks

With the Premier League season in its end-game, DGW-37 presents five teams with doubles

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EPL DGW-36 Pre-Deadline and Live Chat

A doublw game-week with a North London derby

Rate My Teams: FPL & Fantrax EPL DGW-36

In the last mile. Advice welcome!

Fantrax EPL DGW-36 Player Picks

This might be the juiciest double of the season, and I’m all in.

EPL DGW-36 FPL Player Picks

With 12 teams having doubles, GW-36 is certainly a great option to free-hit

UCL MD-12: Pre-Deadline & Live Chat

Europe’s top three clubs, plus a dark horse, battle it out for a ticket to the finals.

UCL Fantasy Semifinals Leg 2: Rate My Team

How can I optimize my squad for success in MD-12 (semifinals leg 2)?

UCL MD-12 — Semifinal 2nd-Leg Player Picks

UCL MD-12 Semifinals Fantasy Preview

Liverpool has one foot in the final with Villarreal threatening surprise. A tight clash of the titans, Man City and Real Madrid will conclude the semifinals.

Fantrax NMA-11 Cup: Quarterfinals Results and Semifinals Draw

The competition tightens up further - only four teams remain now

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We're building great things, and we need your talent.

EPL GW-35 Pre-Deadline and Live Chat

The EPL is quickly approaching the business end of its season, so we’re in for an entertaining finish in the next few weeks!

Rate My Teams: FPL & Fantrax EPL GW-35

It’s nice to get a single set of games this week.

Fantrax EPL GW-35 Player Picks

It’s a rare business-as-usual game-week with a single for all twenty clubs.

EPL GW-35 FPL Player Picks

FPL returns with a single game-week

UCL MD-11 Pre-Deadline & Live Chat

Europe’s top three and a dark horse battle it out for a ticket to the finals

UCL Fantasy Semifinals: Rate My Team

Taking you through my thought process to field the best XI (plus a sub or two)!

UCL MD-11 Player Picks

Just three more games left to overtake your UCL mini-league rivals! The clock is ticking!

UCL MD-11 Semifinals Fantasy Preview

England and Spain split both semifinals, leaving no doubt about the superiority of EPL and La Liga

EPL DGW-34 Pre-Deadline and Live Chat

The Premier League gives us both London and Merseyside derbies

Rate My Teams: FPL & Fantrax EPL DGW-34

A mini but tough double.

Fantrax EPL DGW-34 Player Picks

Another mini double

EPL GW-34 FPL Player Picks

The table is tight at both top and bottom! Not much time left in the season, so every pick counts.

EPL DGW-33 Live Chat

Seven teams play ‘double’ this week!

EPL GW-33 Pre-Deadline Chat

We’ve got doubles and blanks this week!

Rate My GW-33 FPL and Fantrax Teams

How is it already GW-33!? Not much time to move up (or down) the fantasy tables!

Fantrax DGW-33 Player Picks

Double bubble! And also some blanks...

GW-33 FPL Player Picks

Another mini-double!

UCL MD-10 Pre-Deadline & Live Chat

The Champions League quarterfinals wrap this week, and then we’ll be down to Europe’s final four.

Fantrax NMA-11 Cup: Round-5 Results and Quarterfinals Draw

The last 16 teams fight it out — who made it through?

UCL Fantasy MD-10 Player Picks

Just a step away from the semifinals. Who makes the cut?

Rate My Team: Champions League Quarterfinals, 2nd Leg

Second time’s the charm?

UCL MD-10: Quarterfinals Fantasy Preview

Four clubs established advantages in the first leg. Can they now close the deal?

EPL GW-32 FRIDAY Pre-Deadline & Live Chat 

Round 32 offers us a huge title clash between the league leaders!