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2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar: Day 6 Live Chat

Time flies! Here comes MD-2 of the 2022 World Cup, so update your fantasy team and chip strategy already!

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FIFA World Cup Qatar: MD-2 Difficulty Table

Already planning your transfers for MD-2? Well you should be! Here’s an early look at the matchups to target.

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FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022: Stats and Info Reference Page

Your one-stop shop for key tournament data, updated daily.

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Fantasy FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022: Chip Strategy

FIFA’s "boosters" are not quite what we’re used to. Check in to see how I’m planning to use them.

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Fantasy FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022: How to Play

The official World Cup fantasy game is waiting for you to play. Here’s how.

Fantasy FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022: Fixture Difficulty Table

Targeting favorable matchups is a tried-and-true pathway to fantasy football success. Here is NMA’s difficulty table for FIFA World Cup 2022

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Brazil, Portugal, Ghana and Uruguay in action on day 5 of MD-1

2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar MD-2: Players to Buy and Players to Sell

Unable to decide whom to hold and whom to ship? Well here are a few suggestions.

2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar: Day 4 Live Chat

We have Croatia, Germany, Spain and Belgium in action today!

2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar: Day 3 Live Chat

Two of the favourites appear in Day 3!

2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar: Day 2 Monday Live Chat

It’s the first multi-game day of World Cup Footfall in 2022! Some big names and big early games!

2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar: Opening Day Live Chat

Qatar hosts Ecuador on the opening day of the 2022 FIFA World Cup!

World Cup MD-1: Fantasy Preview

The countdown is nearly over!

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We're building great things, and we need your talent.

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022: MD-1 Player Picks

Looking for the best fantasy picks for World cup MD-1? Well here they are.

FIFA World Cup Qatar: Why the Moral and Political Issues Turn Me Off 

The World Cup is our planet’s biggest sporting event and every football fan’s dream. So why am I having trouble getting excited about it?

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022: Group H Preview

Can Ronaldo lead Portugal to its first World Cup triumph?

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022: Group G Preview

Group G includes the most successful footballing nation in history, and Brazil has its eyes set on its 6th WC trophy!

NMA Blog Cup 2022 - We Have A Winner!

The blog’s first fantasy trophy of the season has been decided!

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022: Group F Preview

Group F contains a side that hasn’t competed since the 80s!

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022: Group E Preview

Recent champions Spain and Germany are joined by Japan and Costa Rica. Which players should take our fantasy focus?

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022: Group D Preview

France are the outright favorites on face value. But this group isn’t necessarily clear-cut. Here’s why....

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022: Group C Preview

Messi has one more chance at his World Cup dream.

The Last Hurrah: Football Legends in Their Last World Cup

Where will you be when all these legends play their final World Cup?

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022: Group B Preview

Our King demands that the trophy must come home. Will it, or will empty-handed Lions find themselves on an early return flight to England?

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022: Group A Preview

The World Cup is finally here after four years of waiting! Fantasy managers can use our Group A preview to begin thinking about their fantasy squads!

EPL GW-16 Pre-Deadline & Live Chat

It’s the last game-week before the commencement of the World Cup!

EPL GW-16 Rate My FPL and Fantrax Teams

Another week of ups and downs leads into another week of maybes.

EPL GW-16: Best FPL Differentials

Our last differential picks before the World Cup!

EPL GW-16 Fantrax Player Picks

It’s your last chance to move up the ranks before Christmas!

EPL GW-16 FPL Player Picks

Our final set of picks before players head to the World Cup!

UCL Group Stage Retrospective & Round of 16 Draw

Who were the best performers in fantasy? This breakdown brings you the group stage’s best fantasy lineup.

NMA’s 2022 FIFA World Cup Fantasy Mini-League Is Open!

Play fantasy World Cup with us!

EPL GW-15 Pre-Deadline & Live Chat

We’re back after another week of European football!

EPL GW-15 Fantrax Player Picks

Tough matchups make for tough choices.

Best EPL GW-15 Differentials 

Time to leapfrog your FPL rivals with different picks!

EPL GW-15 FPL Player Picks

Is a doubtful Haaland worth the risk this week?