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EPL DGW-22: Rate My FPL and Fantrax Teams

My DGW-22 plans are an open book; I hope you enjoy the read.

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Fantrax EPL GW-22 Player Picks

A selection with many double game-week players!

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EPL DGW-22 FPL Player Picks (Friday Deadline)

The Premier League presents this year’s second double game-week with eight teams scheduled to play twice.

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EPL GW-21, Part 2: Bring on (some of) the Doubles!

COVID is even postponing rescheduled games now

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Africa Cup of Nations

What the January tournament means to you and your EPL fantasy teams

The NMA-11 Cup Qualifying

Our second cup of the year will be starting soon — How have you qualified?

FPL New Year’s Resolutions

As the calendar turns, what changes to life cum fantasy footy are in order?

EPL GW-21 Pre-Deadline and Live Chat

Welcome to the first fixtures of the New Year! Not without postponements, of course.

Fantrax EPL GW-21 Player Picks

It’s a New Year’s surprise with almost every team playing (so far) and three teams scheduled to play twice.

FPL Double GW-21 Player Picks: New Year’s Eve Edition

The festive period’s final round of fixtures now promises late doubles for Brentford, West Ham, and Everton.

EPL GW-20 Pre-Deadline Chat & Live Chat

Uncertainties continue as two more games get postponed in GW-20

Fantrax EPL GW-20 Player Picks

Barn Door Version

EPL GW-20 FPL Player Picks

The turnaround window is vanishingly short, and COVID has made team selection treacherous.

From Vox Media

We're building great things, and we need your talent.

EPL GW-19 FPL & Fantrax Live Chat

Omicron variant continues to strike the Premier League!

EPL GW-19 Pre-Deadline Chat: Christmas COVID Chaos

The Omicron surge continues to upend the world of sport

Rate My Teams: FPL & Fantrax EPL GW-19

To free hit, or not to free hit, that is the question.

NMA Blog Cup 2021 - The winner is announced

20 teams qualified, but there’s only one winner!

NMA Podcast: FPL Festive Special

Paul is joined by Spurs fan Harpal to discuss the FPL schedule over the festive period

Fantrax EPL GW-19 Player Picks

COVID continues to blow holes in our fantasy teams. If you’re shopping for replacements, step inside.

EPL GW-19 FPL Player Picks: Delayed Transfers

Managers are advised to delay their transfer deals for as long as possible.

FPL Grants Extra Free Hit Chip

EPL GW-18 Pre-Deadline and Live Chat

We go into this game-week with further games having been postponed.

EPL GW-18 FPL Player Picks: Damage Control

A look at the best picks for Covid-Ravaged FPL GW-18

NMA Blog Cup Semifinal Results

The 20 finalists are decided!

EPL GW-18 Fantrax Player Picks

Trying to predict the best player picks in a week when anything can happen.

EPL GW-17 Pre-Deadline & Live Chat

One fixture already postponed and more in doubt due to Covid-19

EPL GW-17 FPL Player Picks – Tuesday Deadline!

Premier League game-week is right around the corner again!

Fantrax EPL GW-17 Player Picks — Tuesday Deadline!

But we might see SIX confirmed lineups first!

UCL Group Stage Wrap Up

The qualification spots are filled and a few clubs unexpectedly dropped to Europa League after an eventful UCL group stage.

EPL GW-16 Pre-Deadline & Live Chat 

One game has been postponed already!

Fantrax EPL GW-16 Player Picks

We’re back with a Friday deadline and big bad news about Spurs

FPL GW-16 Player Picks — Friday Deadline!

Midfielders look primed to lead the way this weekend

UCL MD-6 Pre-Deadline & Live Chat

Five more clubs are bound to set foot in the round of 16, other clubs are fighting for spots in Europa League, and just a few have meaningless matches to play!

Champions League MD-6: Chip Played, Rate My Team

I’m pulling the trigger on a chip!

UCL MD-6 Player Picks

A look at the best UCL fantasy picks for MD-6

UCL MD-6 Fantasy Preview

An early look at UCL MD-6, with a long-range radar on some fantasy prospects.