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Gerrard 'expected to start' against Manchester United

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Kenny welcomes Gerrard return | News

Gerrard is now expected to be recalled to the starting XI for the visit of Manchester United to Anfield on Saturday.

That all sounds well and good, but what exactly is the basis for such expecations? I will believe it when I see it.

It is interesting to note that Kenny Daglish goes on, and in addition to the usual palaver about Gerrard's quality, he talks an awful lot about his place in the squad.

"A fit Steven Gerrard strengthens this football club, no question. If you have Steven in your squad, it's going to raise the profile and standard," said Dalglish.

"We want to have a really strong squad - and him being in it makes it that much stronger.""

I dunno. Not a ringing "he's got to start for us because we're a different team without him" endorsement to my ears. And I'm someone who thinks that there are fantasy returns to be had from Liverpool this week -- Manchester United give up too many shots on goal for there not to be. I'm just betting that they come from Luis Suarez.