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Quick Injury Updates

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Cabaye proves fitness for France
Yohan Cabaye proved he has shaken off a minor groin injury by playing the full game for France against Belgium on Tuesday.


WC qualifier: Messi stars as Argentina rally to win over Columbia - Sports
Messi led the fightback for a 2-1 away win over Colombia as Argentina fielded a world class trident in attack by bringing on Sergio Aguero to join Messi and Gonzalo Higuain for the second half.


Aguero is raring to go
I'm fully recovered and on my way to Colombia.


Twitter / @rafvdvaart: I will do my best to be ba ...
I will do my best to be back soon and hope to make the game against Aston Villa guys.


Rafael will not play against Germany in Hamburg due to a minor injury
It doesn’t feel too bad, feels like a tiny muscle rupture. I hope I’ll be fit soon and expect to play next Monday against Aston Villa.