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Chelsea-Liverpool Live

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Good morning/afternoon/evening.

It's Super Sunday and we've got just one, but a big one, match today. Of course it is Chelsea hosting Liverpool.

Early rumours have Didier Drogba starting in place of Fernando Torres. Is the Spainard not in the right frame of mind to face his former side? Is Drogba a better option against a sometimes brittle Liverpool defence?

I don't have any fantasy stake in today's match, having done well enough yesterday. Yakubu, Rip van Persie, Hoilett, and Richards doing wonders for my league place and mood. Great time to do well too, with this being a Blog Cup weekend.

Of course there is always the barn door and with Chelsea hosting Wolves next week (without O'Hara, Hunt, or Stearman) I'm looking to see which Blues I need to buy.

What about you? How is your weekend? Whom are you rooting for today, and which players are on your radar for next weekend?