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Who was that masked man?

Petr Cech now has a mask to go with his helmet - Dirty Tackle - World Soccer Blog - Yahoo! Sports
Comprehensive World Soccer news, scores, standings, fantasy games, rumors, and more

Petr Cech 'Will Look Like Batman' If He Plays Next Week - We Ain't Got No History
Petr Cech's an injury doubt with a broken nose, but he hasn't ruled out playing for the Cech Republic in a Batman outfit

Caption This! Chelsea’s Dark Knight Rises - The Offside - Chelsea blog
Somebody on the Czech physio team is a just little too enamored with Christopher Nolan. 

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It seems that every blog has a different opinion of Petr Cech's new face-gear.  Most sites are on the Batman thing, but I see a different similarity.

Image courtesy karuma9

What do you think?