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I'm at home waiting for the city water department to come look at our leaking main, so I had a bit of time to check out the reactions to the weekend's Premier League action (so far).

All of the best headlines after the jump.

TEAMtalk's Premier League Picks
Wayne Rooney is hailed, while Newcastle, Bolton and West Brom are criticised as TEAMtalk reviews Saturday's Premier League games.

The Knee Jerk- United they Stand @ Fantasy Football Scout

The hangover from Wednesday’s Champions League exit will no doubt remain in the system for quite some time but United’s response this afternoon was swift

Tactics365: When Functionality Doesn't Function

Bolton are stone bottom of the Premier League, and play hideous football. Owen Coyle must be under some pressure by now, but just don't tell him they're ugly to watch...

Well it's not for want of trying | ToffeeWeb
An Everton fan reports from the Emirates.

Newcastle Defeated Heavily By Norwich: Why I'm Worried - Coming Home Newcastle

After an initial tremendous run to start the season, Newcastle United have lost three of their last four. Two might have been expected (at Manchester City and v. Chelsea), but the most recent loss to Norwich is troubling. It is troubling for two reasons. Reason the first: Tactical. Reason the Second: Building the Squad.

Bobby finally crosses moral borderline - Cottagers Confidential

It would seem, however, that for all the anger we've felt as fans of our club over the years - Mark Hughes and Lawrie Sanchez to name but a few - Bobby Zamora seemingly wants to get in on the act. He wants to prove to us all that there really is no loyalty in football any more.

Arsenal 1-0 Everton: van Persie gets Arsenal on Song - The Short Fuse

Here are some tactical observations from last night.

West Bromwich Albion 1-2 Wigan Athletic - Pie Eaters Footie

Well I never, miracles apparently do happen, and lighting even strikes twice. The belief in the Wigan dressing room must be high after coming from behind to win 2-1 and even managing to hold on late on as West Bromwich threw everything they had at our back line.

That'll Do Pig: Liverpool 1 - QPR 0 - Anfield Asylum

It wasn't always pretty. But because it was hardly ever stressful, and it ended in three points, and because we've seen performances better than that at Anfield that didn't result in three points, I think that limiting the bitching is probably the best course.

Match Report: Sunderland 2-1 Blackburn Rovers - Stunning Strikes Save The Day - Roker Report

You know when you write your match report during the game, and spend most of your time on it moaning that the team just shows no cutting edge, no real danger and get increasingly annoyed that they can't break down Blackburn's ten man defence? And then something happens, which means you have to change it, then something else happens, which means you pretty much have to start all over again. Yeah, well... That.

...and one bonus La Liga/El Classico link

Real Madrid 1-3 Barcelona: Real press early on, but tactical switch gives Barca the upper hand | Zonal Marking

Jose Mourinho surprised many with his team selection, but Pep Guardiola adapted to guide Barcelona to victory. The surprise was with the use of Mesut Ozil...