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Week 18 - Team, Injury & Suspension News

Will he or won't he? Nobody knows.
Will he or won't he? Nobody knows.

When the BBC & Sky fail to update their team-news over the Xmas period then you know the sports reporters are enjoying the festive period (and deservedly so), but here's what was being displayed at around 6pm on 23rd December at If may not be 100% accurate anymore but it's likely to be the best we're gonna get before tomorrow's 12:00 GMT deadline:

Premier League Team News

And here are the (often remarkably inaccurate):

Guardian Squad Sheets

Since these articles were posted it's been reported that Micah Richards is now a major doubt, but Rafael Van Der Vaart may actually make it. That's honestly all we've been given, sorry!

I hope this helps in some way and trust you've all had a great Christmas Day ... best of luck for Week 18. I'll probably set my alarm for 10:30 GMT tomorrow and give myself an hour or so before deadline to check out any last minute gossip before finalising my team. If you've been good girls and boys, there may even be mad-one-hour-live-chat post, so stay tuned.

Cheers, Nik