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The Barn Door Live - Dull Transfer Window Edition

What a dull transfer window we've had so far. With old boys Henry and Scholes (two substitutes) the biggest of the actual moves so far with Alex and Gary Cahill (two guys who are already expensive) likely the next biggest to come. New blog infatuation Gylfi Sigurdsson is really the biggest news I've heard so far and we're not really sure what we have in him other than some interesting potential.

For this week, here's my team

Krul (yes, I'm finally off of DDG)

Verm, Brown, Rangel (I'm keeping these guys this weekend and expecting little but I have them for just over 16 total which I think is a great long term investment)

Silva, Bale, VDV, Valencia

Aguero, Bellamy, Torres (one last chance and yes I'm terrified of this pick)

Here are next week's matches to think about as you are watching:

Sat, Jan 21 Bolton v Liverpool
Sat, Jan 21 Everton v Blackburn
Sat, Jan 21 Fulham v Newcastle
Sat, Jan 21 Norwich v Chelsea
Sat, Jan 21 Wolves v Aston Villa
Sat, Jan 21 Sunderland v Swansea
Sat, Jan 21 Stoke v West Brom
Sat, Jan 21 QPR v Wigan
Sun, Jan 22 Man City v Tottenham
Sun, Jan 22 Arsenal v Man Utd

Let's get to chatting...