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The Barn Door Live - Showdown Weekend Edition

Welcome to "Undercard Saturdey" as we all look forward to Manchester City vs. Tottenham and Arsenal vs. Manchester United tomorrow. Until those momentous matches, we'll be watching our fantasy players play (mostly today I'd suspect). Here's my line-up:


Verm, Brown (fingers crossed), Rangel

Silva, Valencia, Lampard, Sigurdsson

Aguero, Bellamy, Rooney

(and very worried about not having Donovan vs. Rovers)

Here's the schedule for the next matchweek:

Tue, Jan 31 Man Utd v Stoke
Tue, Jan 31 Swansea v Chelsea
Tue, Jan 31 Tottenham v Wigan
Tue, Jan 31 Wolves v Liverpool
Tue, Jan 31 Everton v Man City
Wed, Feb 1 Aston Villa v QPR
Wed, Feb 1 Blackburn v Newcastle
Wed, Feb 1 Fulham v West Brom
Wed, Feb 1 Bolton v Arsenal
Wed, Feb 1 Sunderland v Norwich

Let's get to chatting: