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The Barn Door Live - Tuesday Edition

With the news that Luis Suarez and Liverpool won't be appealing the suspension, how valuable does Craig Bellamy become? All I can say is that picking him up and keeping him in the mid-5s is feeling like one of my better moves of the season (and there haven't been that many). Unfortunately, I'm back to work so I'm not sure how engaged I can be in the chat but for those who are able to chat, here's a place to do so. I'll try to check in as and when I can.

Here's my BD team so far:

DDG (With Krul on speed dial if DDG is benched vs. NUFC)

Verm, Brown, Rangel

Silva, Valencia, Bale, Ramires

Kun, Bellamy, K2

Spurs, United, and City seem to be the obvious teams to target for the next match week.