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The Barn Door Live: Chatting Fantasy EPL Match Week 8

The best Fantasy EPL live chat on the web starting with Spurs vs. Chelsea and going through Norwich vs. Arsenal and everything in-between.

Will this guy pay off for Neal as a cheap midfield option against Spurs?
Will this guy pay off for Neal as a cheap midfield option against Spurs?
Matthias Kern

It always feels longer than two weeks when we have International Breaks, especially the ones early in the season. We've only had seven weekends of matches so far and we're already on our second long layoff. As it turns out, this is even more true when you spend a lot of time with a small child for whom these past two EPL-less weeks represent an entire 1/3rd of his life. That's just a long way of saying "great to be back". Here are my line-ups for the two fantasy formats:

Yahoo - Mannone, Baines, Riether, Jenkinson, Cazorla, Michu, Oscar, Duff, Berbatov, Jelavic, Mirallas - Cech, ACole, Baines, Rafael, Hazard (c), Michu, Duff, Morrison, Tevez, Jelavic, Lambert

(yes, I forgot to get in and change my captain in the game - should have been Jelavic, Baines or Duff).

Here is next week's slate of matches to get you thinking about who you'll want to be picking up as the action unfolds:

Sat, Oct 27 Arsenal v QPR
Sat, Oct 27 Man City v Swansea
Sat, Oct 27 Reading v Fulham
Sat, Oct 27 Stoke v Sunderland
Sat, Oct 27 Wigan v West Ham
Sat, Oct 27 Aston Villa v Norwich
Sun, Oct 28 Chelsea v Man Utd
Sun, Oct 28 Everton v Liverpool
Sun, Oct 28 Newcastle v West Brom
Sun, Oct 28 Southampton v Tottenham

Arsenal, Manchester City, Spurs attack, and a big question mark on Fulham (whose match-up LOOKS inviting but who we know routinely lay eggs on their travels no matter the opponent). It may be a time to re-evaluate your investment in Everton who have a modestly difficult stretch starting with the Liverpool Derby and then @Fulham and Sunderland at Goodison Park before getting another "gimme" against Reading. It isn't exactly Murderer's Row but it is at least a solid stretch of opposition.

Let's chat...