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The Barn Door Live: Chatting Fantasy EPL Rivalry Sunday

Starting off with the Liverpool Derby and finishing up the weekend with the big match at Stamford Bridge and the top of the table.

Will this guy keep it going?
Will this guy keep it going?
Mike Hewitt

Yesterday was pretty ugly for the attackers although the defenders from Stoke and Arsenal came through big. Even the attackers that did "come through" yesterday didn't really do that much for their owners (we're looking at you Berbatov). Will the points come today? Bale? Defoe? Mata? Hazard? RvP? Rooney? The options are endless. We'llbe watching live and chatting about next week's teams while waiting for Hurricane Sandy to hit the East Coast. If you're in the path, stay safe. If not, think good thoughts for everyone's health and safety.

Lets chat.