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Injuries and Suspensions: International Break Edition

Tracking the injuries (and miraculous recoveries) of Premier League players ahead of their international commitments.

Alex Livesey - Getty Images for Reebok

Ryan Giggs is famous.

He's famous for his exploits on the football pitch.

He's famous for his exploits (allegedly) off the football pitch.

And for fantasy managers who track such things, he's famous for always being injured when it came time to play for Wales during the Premier League season. Giggs was always the "best player never to play in an international tournament" until this summer, when he turned out for Team GB. But when his country called at more meaningless times, he (along with the tacit consent, or active encouragement of his manager) always seemed to have a niggle, or a knock, or some type of strain. Then, when the Premier League resumed, he would always be available for Manchester United.

So, in honor of Mr. Giggs, and as a service to fantasy managers who track such things, we'll be tracking the injuries that are reported over this current international break.