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The Barn Door Live: Chatting Fantasy EPL Week 11 Sunday

It's the big spenders - Manchester City and Chelsea - against strong competition in Tottenham and Liverpool and I think there might be another match in there somewhere as well. We'll discuss them all.

He gets a start over Jermain Defoe today against City
He gets a start over Jermain Defoe today against City
Clive Rose

I've spent the last 24 hours or so trying to recover from yet another Arsenal meltdown. I've been relatively successful with the help of a beautiful day outside yesterday spent with friends in a setting that made us all feel a little bit like we were in a commercial for something (Dockers, SUVs, etc) targeted to yuppies (we were at a winery with a bunch of kids, dogs, and a guy playing acoustic guitar). Time to get back at it.

Here's who I'm watching today for fantasy purposes: Carlos Tevez (, Kevin Nolan (, Eden Hazard (, Juan Mata (Yahoo), Ryan Bertrand (Yahoo).

I had points in the mid-50s yesterday which was pretty good since I had neither Berbatov nor Giroud. Fellaini and my cheap defenders carried me.

Let's chat...