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AM Assistant's Week 15 Fantasy Player Picks

Nik's work and home commitments continue to take over his life so long-time blog supporter Zach Zelleher (aka Kellz) has kindly stepped in to assist you with your fantasy team ahead of the Week 15 deadline.

He's your must have pick this weeekend
He's your must have pick this weeekend
Chris Brunskill

Morning gals and gents, Kellz here to fill in as a guest writer for AM's Week 15 Player Picks! It's been one long continuous run of EPL action for us and it is set to continue with another round of matches at the weekend. If you're ike me, you are eager to put two bad game weeks behind you and bounce back in a big way.

First let's take a look at the schedule:

Standout fixtures:
Liverpool v SOT
Arsenal v Swansea
Utd @ Reading
Newcastle Wigan

Others of note:
QPR v Aston Villa
Chelsea @ West Ham
Fulham v Tottenham

Toss ups:
Man City v EvE
Norwich v Sunderland
WBA v Stoke

Definitely looking to the standout fixtures for my big hitters and likely to sprinkle in some from the others. Okay onto some players picks!


Lindegaard (Utd) - De Gea has been out after getting his wisdom teeth pulled so I assume Lindegaard keeps his place. A CS and win midweek pushed his price up but he is still reasonable at 9.74mil. Perfect way to get in on the potential Utd CS.

Myhill (WBA) - He got shelled mid-week and his price has come down nicely to just 6.74mil. WBA are back at home where they have been excellent this season facing a Stoke side with ZERO away wins and only 6 road goals. Hard not to buy-in with that in mind.

Lloris (Tot) - He seems to have taken over as #1 under AVB and he's been impressive. More of a hold @2mil than buying now, however his price is still very reasonable at just under 7mil.

Krul - (NUFC) - While Newcastle have been terrible lately, what better way to turn it around than facing a Wigan side with only 4 road goals this season. Krul is nicely priced @7.37mil after the away loss to Stoke.

Szczesney (Arsenal) - Quite pricey at 11.73mil but a solid home match up. Not sure you pay this much even at home, it's more of a hold at 6mil if you have him.


Gibbs (Arsenal) - The cheapest way into the Arsenal CS @9.07mil. Watch team news on Friday to make sure Kos isn't coming back.

Enrique - (Liverpool) - Seems to have ousted Suso from the wing and has been productive in his new found position. Had a goal disallowed vs Swansea, scored and assisted vs Wigan and was dangerous again vs Spurs. At 12.09mil he's playing as a winger with possible CS bonus, so if you have the funds use them here.

Smalling (Utd) - If you got him on the BD excellent, however watch team news to make sure Ferdinand isn't coming back. As far as my knowledge extends he was just rested so it makes me worried to pull the trigger on Smalling. Keep if at discount but I wouldn't buy retail unless we get detailed Friday news.

Bassong (Norwich)
- Priced at an unholy 6.66mil, he's still cheap, proved to be a goal threat and is playing at home to a goal shy Sunderland team on the road.

Lichja (Villa) - Viable filler with a solid away match up @3.49mil. Check team news just to be safe, but Stevens after his injury should still be out.

Azipilcueta (Chelsea) - One thing Chelsea have been under Rafa is solid at the back. Azipil seems to have taken his spot at RB and his price is already on the rise. He's 9.17mil but has been very productive going forward.

Ferguson (NUFC) - Perch is suspended due to YC accumulation, HBA is still out, does this mean our ultra "defender-playing-midfield" filler will return? I am looking for any info for his starting status because @1.86mil he will allow some big moves like having 2 of RvP, Bale, or Suarez.

Bale (Tot) - Obviously very expensive but obviously killing it fantasy wise this season. It's a derby match which always makes me nervous, but in his form why not? I'd be more likely to have at discount than retail this week however. He's a hefty 25.98mil.

Valencia/Ashley Young (Utd) -
One thing I noticed watching the Utd v West Ham match was that Utd lacked any width without these two players and their attack is always more dangerous with them in the side. Valencia @10.77mil has been out but should be in contention for the weekend and AY @12.85 should regain a starting birth after being a sub midweek. Watch for team news.

Taraabt (QPR) - Just feels like 'Arry is going to get his and QPR's first win doesn't it? Taraabt should be the focus of all good attacking moves through the mid. At 13.54mil he's not cheap but you just feel this could be his week.

Wilshere (Arsenal) - Great enabler at 3.76mil. He will help you get the likes of RvP, Suarez, Ba, etc. Don't get overly excited for attacking returns though.

Oscar (Chelsea) - Chelsea have to turn it around after two straight goalless draws right? It's another derby match and away, but Oscar has that touch of skill to turn games. It hasn't clicked under Rafa yet, but at 6.58mil, Oscar is a cheap way into Chelsea's attack.

Sessegnon/Johnson (Sunderland) - Very disappointing midweek, but if you kept them on discount I'd say take another roll of the dice here. Both under 12mil, with AJ taking FK's, Norwich's bubble of good form will burst sooner than later.

Michu/Lallana/Ramierez/Cazorla/Sterling - All great holds @discount

Suarez (Liverpool) - The MUST have of the week. Put up impressive numbers midweek against Spurs with no goals to show. Southampton leak goals and Suarez is guaranteed to play unlike the Utd forward line. He's pricey at 22.80mil but worth it this week.

Ba (NUFC) - Another striker who did well despite no goals at midweek. I tip Ba to get back onto the score-sheet home to Wigan. NUFC has a lot of injuries to important attacking players so it will fall to Ba to help get the win. Not too unreasonable at 18.50mil.

RvP/Rooney/Chicha/Welbeck (Utd) - This SCREAMS Fergie rotation. I can't even begin to tell you who will actually start but here's my theory: RvP played the full 90 the past 2 matches so is at highest risk for rotation (not saying 100% mind you), Rooney subbed off early midweek could be an indication he will start @Reading. Chicha also played 90min midweek and will probably be benched again, leaving Welbeck to partner Rooney. Now trust me, it's Fergie and we've all been burned by him, I say stick to your gut feel on this one and wait for team news.

Giroud (Arsenal) - I'd rather take this pick at discount but even 12.11mil isn't bad for a solid match-up at home. I can see him back on the score sheet after two blank weeks.

Benteke (Villa) - Playing away but still against the bottom side. I think 'Arry will have his boys ready to fight, but if you hold at discount certainly hold this week. Not as thrilling @11.67mil.

Torres/Hazard (Chelsea) - Haven't been pulling their respective goal weight lately, but it has to click soon right? Torres seems to be nailed on to play under Rafa and almost returned his value with 2 SOT last match. Not a terrible ploy if you have the space at 10mil and 11mil respectively.

Man City Strikers - We haven't been able to read Mancini very well this season and Everton are City's bogey team. I'd steer clear this week unless you have a very deep discount on Tevez.

That's the player covered.

This is certainly a tough week to pick a team, especially those of you who BD'd Fellaini like myself. The obvious choice would to drop him against City because of his proven track record of stellar one week and negative the next. However, I've taken a look at Everton's schedule and until February their hardest matches are City, Chelsea and Spurs, which isn't a bad run and perhaps worth keeping Fellaini @11mil for. It's a decision I don't blame anyone taking, but will be hard for me to pull the trigger.

I am currently at:

Lloris, Azipilcueta, Shorey, Piscu, Cazorla, Fellaini, Sterling, Taraabt, Ba, Suarez, Giroud

w/ 1.12mil left. Lots of tinkering for me as I have Vertonghen (7.85mil), Bale and Wilshere behind the scenes.

If I left anyone out of the player picks never fear, a discussion will open up below and other picks can be filled in. Thanks for reading and good luck everyone!