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The Barn Door Live: Norwich vs. Sunderland Edition

Chatting live for the one, surprisingly low profile, Sunday match-up. We'll be watching Sunderland intently to evaluate their players for their two match week next week.

Will this guy be back on target today?
Will this guy be back on target today?
Julian Finney

Despite being talked out of Anderson on Facebook by Mo Killeeny (EGYPT) for Esteban Granero, I managed to have a pretty reasonable Saturday highlighted by Michu's brace. Talk about mixed emotions. Michu does great work for both of my fantasy teams but he does so while getting the win for Swansea against Arsenal. It was a classic "best of times, worst of times" situation.

I have Sebastian Bassong going in today's match. We can only hope it lives up to the excitement of the second half of the West Ham vs. Chelsea match and the first half of the Reading vs. Manchester United match.

Do you have anyone playing today? If not, who are you looking at for the two-gamers next week?