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The Barn Door Live: Chatting Fantasy EPL Match Week 18 Sunday

Twas the night before the night before Christmas and all through the house fantasy managers were bitching about Gooner and Scouse...OK, mostly people are just bitter about Arsenal and City failing to live up to expectations yesterday. Will today be any better? Let's see.

The league's joint leading scorer on tap today
The league's joint leading scorer on tap today
Richard Heathcote
The rain that was so prevalent in England yesterday was the perfect metaphor for the disappointment and generally "blah" performances from guys like Theo Walcott, Sergio Aguero and Carlos Tevez. Spurs supporters have to be equally disappointed after watching their team drop two critical points to Stoke at home. With Manchester United and Chelsea on tap today, how will things unfold? Chelsea need the points as they've fallen down the table into a pack with Arsenal, Spurs, and Everton. Manchester United need the points to stay significantly in front of City. Here's our last opportunity to chat before the Christmas holiday and the Boxing Day matches that will follow.