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The Barn Door Live: Chatting Fantasy EPL Match Week 20

For the last weekend in 2012 we open up the Barn Door and discuss all the EPL action as it happens as well as any implications for your first team sheet of 2013.

Can this guy come through with Cameron and Shawcross suspended?
Can this guy come through with Cameron and Shawcross suspended?
Jamie McDonald

I'm doing my best to keep positive as my fantasy season circles the proverbial toilet bowl but it's hard to do. In an effort not to focus on the negative, here are some highlights from 2012 to remind me that it hasn't all been so bad:

Santi Cazorla and Michu - just about everything they've done just makes you smile.

Robert Snodgrass - I've had him for some, but not all of his highlights but how fun is it that a guy named Snodgrass is having a major fantasy impact. He sounds like he should be a butler from a Jane Austen novel.

Jan Vertonghem - Yes, I'm bitter about which address in North London he ended up at but it's nice to see that my eyes didn't fool me when I saw him live in DC just after last season.

Belgians in General - From Eden Hazard's opening month (as captain for my team) to Lukaku's awesomeness from the substitutes bench to Fellaini's incredible evolution there's barely room for Kevin Mirallas or Moussa Dembele. Imagine the list if Thomas Vermaelen were still alive.

Henry's Return Goal - it made no difference on the Prem but what a great moment from early in 2012.

RvP for both Arsenal and Manchester United - I'm still upset that he left but as a fan of the game there's nothing in the Pprem quite like RvP at his best and we've seen a much higher ratio of goals to training room than we ever have before and that's just quality entertainment.

Juan Mata turning his artistic play into fantasy awesomeness as 2011-12 turned to 2012-13 and Branislav Ivanovic managing to play forward and right back simultaneously despite not being terribly fleet of foot.

Swansea's first two matches of this season.

Luis Suarez showing us what the world would be like if he knew where the target was.

Oh, did Sergio Aguero score a big goal at the end of last season?

With Brad Guzan, Ryan Shotton, David Luiz, Cesar Azpilicueta, Michu, Santi Cazorla, Raheem Sterling, Steven Gerrard, Fernando Torres, Dimitar Berbatov, and Carlton Cole going for me in Yahoo I'll be hoping for one more weekend of great memories from 2012 and then a lot more to be happy about in 2013.

What memories will you add to the list? What were your best fantasy calls of 2012? Your favorite moments?