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Support [@NMA_Blog]

We're delighted to see 燈神 [@NMA_Blog] up in 12th place on the Yahoo Fantasy Football Leaderboard. We're also very proud that the manager has elected to tag their team with the [@NMA_Blog] tag to allow us to identify and celebrate a fellow NMA community member having a fantastic fantasy season.

Please feel free to add the [@NMA_Blog] tag to your team name to help us identify more of our readers. If you're in one of the Blog Leagues you'll see me registered as AM FC [@NMA_Blog], Jeremy as Zombies Calientes del [@NMA_Blog] & Neal as Never Manage Alone [@NMA_Blog].

Jeremy here, intruding on Nik's post. FWIW, our teams are...

ok... back to your regularly scheduled post.

Good luck for the rest of Week 16, for the rest of the season and hopefully we'll see more NMA managers on the Leaderboard soon!

How are you getting on so far?