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The Barn Door Live - Saturday Edition

Always nice when waking up early is rewarded with a chance to watch a match like Manchester United vs. Liverpool. I only have Valencia (and everyone else has him too) but the quality and passion of the match-up certainly makes it a worthy use of a few hours.

Here's my line-up:


Vermaelen, Rangel, Twaio

Silva, Valencia, Sigurdsson, Dempsey, and the Ox

Aguero, RvP

Here are the match-ups in two weeks to consider as you look to the Barn Door:

Sat, Feb 25 Man City v Blackburn
Sat, Feb 25 Newcastle v Wolves
Sat, Feb 25 Wigan v Aston Villa
Sat, Feb 25 West Brom v Sunderland
Sat, Feb 25 QPR v Fulham
Sat, Feb 25 Chelsea v Bolton
Sun, Feb 26 Arsenal v Tottenham
Sun, Feb 26 Norwich v Man Utd
Sun, Feb 26 Stoke v Swansea