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Antonio Valencia Injures Hamstring, Faces Month Out

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This is just breaking on Twitter. Antonio Valencia, a substitute in Manchester United's Europa League match against Ajax, has appearantly injured his hamstring and faces a month out of the game.

We'll clearly be following this and will update the post as more information on Valencia, to-date a fantasy favorite, becomes available.

If there is a silver-lining to this, it is that the match also saw returns - and good performances - from Ashley Young and Nani. Their return to the side, coupled with these extra European dates, are what convinced me to sell Valencia last week. It seems like for once, I'm going to be ahead of the curve. Though in this case, I'm very, very sorry for the manner in which it happened.

Manchester United have some good fixtures upcoming -- @Norwich and @Tottenham before West Brom, @Wolves, Fulham, @Blackburn, QPR, and @Wigan. Nik is probably right on here:

I may consider Adel Taraabt to BFAY in my provisional (not saved) team.