score predictions - week 25

Hello managers!

It was a stellar week for the model, with 11 of the 20 teams within 0.75 points. What's more, the teams highlighted for exceptional performance came through big time, 7-1, 3-0, and 2-0 as well as a clean sheet. Anyone who gambled on Arsenal a week after their miserable game at Bolton was richly rewarded. I was quite happy to have held on to RvP and Ox despite rumors that both might not start.

Some more predictions for this week.. hopefully the streak will keep going!

As always, the numbers in parentheses denote how the predicted score differs from the team's average. I bold the stand-out teams, but be sure to take note of which number is bolded, as that changes the interpretation.

Man United 1.66 (-0.76) -v- Liverpool 0.75 (-0.43)

Blackburn 2.23 (+0.69) -v- QPR 1.43 (+0.38)

Bolton 2.07 (+0.80) -v- Wigan 1.14 (+0.19)

Everton 1.05 (+0.07) -v- Chelsea 1.21 (-0.63)

Fulham 1.35 (+0.21) -v- Stoke 0.80 (-0.15)

Sunderland 1.50 (+0.14) -v- Arsenal 1.17 (-0.74)

Swansea 1.44 (+0.36) -v- Norwich 0.93 (-0.49)

Tottenham 1.93 (+0.08) -v- Newcastle 0.93 (-0.57)

Wolves 1.39 (+0.23) -v- West Brom 1.21 (+0.12)

Aston Villa 0.84 (-0.42) -v- Man City 2.26 (-0.38)

Not a lot that pops out either on the offensive or the defensive side this week. Good for the neutral observer perhaps? I for one will be holding on to anyone I've got at a discount and perhaps picking up a few riskier choices. How will you approach this seemingly uninviting (from a fantasy standpoint) week? Good luck with your picks!