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The Barn Door Live - Week 28

I'm lining up with the following group:


Taiwo, Enrique, Glen Johnson

Silva, Sigurdsson, Beausejour, Ashley Young

Kun, Suarez, Pogrebnyak

Looking ahead to next week Spurs get Stoke and Manchester United travel to Wolves in what will likely be the two most lopsided matches of the week. I'll be looking to bring some guys in for those match-ups.

Sat, Mar 17 Fulham v Swansea
Sat, Mar 17 Wigan v West Brom
Sun, Mar 18 Newcastle v Norwich
Sun, Mar 18 Wolves v Man Utd
Tue, Mar 20 Aston Villa v Bolton
Tue, Mar 20 Blackburn v Sunderland
Wed, Mar 21 Man City v Chelsea
Wed, Mar 21 Tottenham v Stoke
Wed, Mar 21 QPR v Liverpool
Wed, Mar 21 Everton v Arsenal