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Getting Off the Silva Train

So long, and thanks for all the points.
So long, and thanks for all the points.

I was thinking about my fantasy team - as I am wont to do - and I realized that the only ever-present was David Silva. I don't even look at that spot on the left-hand side of my midfield. Sometimes, when I'm sharing my line-up on a Friday, I don't even remember who my fourth midfielder is. "Oh, yeah... Silva."

As always, though, one thing leads to another, and I'm wondering why Silva had been ever-present in my fantasy team. Clearly, the answer is that he's been one of the League's best performers this season. He's averaging 8.52 points per game while I've owned him at 8.89 - a great return. He's had some lean spells, like the one that he's going through now, but he quickly returns to his steady production.

So what did I do?

I started to over-think it.

SIlva is going through a bad spell, as is the whole team. They're tired, they're stressed... whatever the cause. They have a must win Europa League match this week then play a Chelsea side that will be looking to prove a point this weekend. Samir Nasri and Aleksandar Kolarov (when he plays) have taken most of Silva's set-piece opportunities. And Manchester City's forwards have become a bit wayward and profligate (and several other big words) so he hasn't recorded an assist since Gameweek 22 against Spurs.

So what did I do?

I clicked sell just to see who else was available at that price. The first name that popped up was James McClean.


McClean has been doing really well for Martin O'Neill's Sunderland, but was in the red (-1) against Liverpool this weekend so his price fell by 1.42. And his next two matches are (after @Everton in the FA Cup this weekend) @Blackburn Rovers and home to Queens Park Rangers. Then, interestingly enough for this discussion, they travel to Manchester City at the end of March.

So... shits and giggles... click buy. And that's my budget. Maximum Team Value: 100. Team Value: 100. Available funds: 0. That's a sign. Well, not really. In fact, it never has worked out for me on the few occasions when I've fielded a team that cost the full budget. But...

But there are matches today and tomorrow, so prices will probably change during the updates. So I may not be able to afford McClean and those beautiful upcoming fixtures if I wait...

(Can you feel the tension? Can you see me talking myself into this rash decision?)

So I did it. I saved, and confirmed the save, of my team and now I've sold David Silva. For James McClean.

May god have mercy on my soul.