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Nik's Week 29 Barndoor Team


As is so often the case, the double gamers came through for those of us who took the risk (and got a bit of luck). I was on a pathetic 33 points for the week a few hours ago but an 85 point haul from Steven Gerrard & the Liverpool contingent lifted that up to 118 for Week 28 and up to a season high 169th position overall. I'm hoping it'll be enough to get my team through to The Blog Cup Final - we'll find out when I calculate the results on Sunday!

I'm not sure I'll get the chance to do my Week 29 Player Picks until Thursday so for now here's my barndoor team. I have 3.20 left in the bank so I'll probably upgrade one of my defenders, but I reckon the current front 7 plus Friedel will stay unless someone is ruled out with injury.

How did you get on in Week 28? How's your team shaping up for Week 29?