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The Barn Door Live - Battle For Fourth Edition

I don't know how invested anyone is in the opening match of this weekend's schedule for fantasy purposes but it is, without a doubt, the most interesting match-up in the real world. With both clubs sliding badly in recent weeks they are currently left to battle it out with each other for the coveted 4th spot.

From a fantasy standpoint, here's the team I'm taking into the weekend:


Ream, Gibbs, Evans

Ryo, Siggy, Beausejour, BFAY

Kun, Rooney, Campbell

Looking ahead to next weekend, here's the schedule with Manchester United and Arsenal enjoying the best match-ups:

Sat, Mar 31 Aston Villa v Chelsea
Sat, Mar 31 Everton v West Brom
Sat, Mar 31 Fulham v Norwich
Sat, Mar 31 Man City v Sunderland
Sat, Mar 31 QPR v Arsenal
Sat, Mar 31 Wolves v Bolton
Sat, Mar 31 Wigan v Stoke
Sun, Apr 1 Newcastle v Liverpool
Sun, Apr 1 Tottenham v Swansea
Mon, Apr 2 Blackburn v Man Utd
Fri, Apr 6 Swansea v Newcastle