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The Barn Door Live - Fantasy EPL Live Chat

Our thoughts are with you Stan.
Our thoughts are with you Stan.

I'm heading to a youth hockey match early this morning (family is in town and a cousin is playing). I should be back for matches but if I'm not back when they get started hopefully you can get started without me.

I'm on


Kompany, Evans, Gibbs

Beausejour, Ryo, Siggy, BFAY, HBA

Jelavic, Cisse

Nik's Team: Friedel, Kyrgiakos, Ream, Gibbs, Sigurdsson, Gerrard, Valencia, Ben Arfa, Jelavic, Tevez, Van Persie

Early team news - Tevez on the bench, Drogba not in the Chelsea squad.

Let's go ...