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The Barn Door Live - Blackburn Rovers-Liverpool Edition

A night off for we three?  Huzzah!
A night off for we three? Huzzah!

Day the second of our merry mid-week adventure begins with the bombshell (well, in fantasy news) that Steven Gerrard is not in the line-up for Liverpool. He, along with Carragher, Enrique, and Luis Suarez are all being rested in front of the FA Cup semifinal this weekend.

That's a decidedly second string side, though it could be argued that there should be enough quality there to beat Rovers, and certainly a "first choice" eleven hasn't been doing the business at all.

Blackburn look pretty much as expected, with Robinson, Orr, Dann, Hanley, Martin Olsson, Dunn, N'Zonzi, Hoilett, Formica, Marcus Olsson, Yakubu

More news as it filters out, and of course our world-famous live chat throughout the match.