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AM's Week 34 Player Picks

"I love playing with you Tev, that Dzeko bloke is rubbish"
"I love playing with you Tev, that Dzeko bloke is rubbish"

I'm at work on a half day as I'm leaving for a friends weekend stag-do in Brighton at 1pm so this is going to be a very quick post.

To confirm Week 34 contains no games for Liverpool, Everton, Chelsea, Tottenham, Newcastle, Fulham, Bolton or Stoke. I know there will be a double week for many of these teams in the future but you really shouldn't be taking any zeros at this stage of the season, so look to dump all but your biggest discounts (e.g. P.Cisse @ 6) if they aren't playing.

From the 6 fixtures that do take place, Arsenal against Wigan, Manchester United against Aston Villa and Sunderland against Wolves all stand-out as comfortable home wins. It's tough to get too excited about Manchester City at in-form Norwich, faltering Swansea at home to Blackburn and West Brom at home to QPR as all 3 results are possible in the 3 games.

Here are the players ...

Mignolet - Quality keeper at home to Wolves, but keep an eye on the rumours that Craig Gordan could get a run out with Sunderland having little to play for.
Vorm - As cheap as he's been for a long time with a home games against Blackburn.
Robinson - Ah the now almost weekly Robbo risk. He's 1.00 again after another 3 goals conceded but he enables you to spend elsewhere and Swansea should give him some shots to save.

- He'll continue as Koscielny serves the final game of his suspension and he's the top defensive pick in week when there's very little choice.
Santos - Provided Gibbs isn't quite ready to return he'll continue he dodgy defending on the left flank.
Kilgallon - Like Neal this is the first time I've ever recommended Kilgallon but he's the best value Sunderland defender as Jack Colback is likely to keep Wayne Bridge out of the starting XI.
Lichaj & Baker - You won't be expecting a clean sheet but misc points are always possible with both set to continue in the Villa defence. They're the options if you're keen to get 11 men on the pitch to maximise your fantasy scoring opportunities.

Young & Valencia
- I'm recommending both Manchester United wingers against Villa as we know they are Ferguson's first choice but just be aware that Nani was introduced from the bench at Wigan so we'll need to keep an eye on team news.
Silva - Looked close to his best again West Brom; could that be the game that sparks his season back in to life after 2 months of mediocrity? Norwich will be hoping not.
Buzsaky - Every time I watch this guy he shoots at every opportunity which is a valuable commodity in Yahoo's version of the game. Good value this weekend at West Brom.
Sessegnon - Sunderland's player of the season? Very possibly - if he's not scoring, he creating, and I don't think Wolves will be able to handle his movement this weekend.
Sigurdsson - I love him.
McClean - More expensive than Sess but just as capable so if you have the funds I wouldn't argue if you picked him.
Andrews - The Irishman has grabbed a couple of goals in an advanced midfield role and Blackburn are hardly defensively sound
Oxlade-Chamberlain - He has to play eventually, right? At less than 4 he's a filler who should at least get a run-out from the bench.

van Persie
- Keeps putting up 20 points so I'm likely to keep him in my team.
Rooney - A very quiet game at Wigan means his value has dropped to the mid20's and we know he won't stay quiet for long.
Aguero - Someone forgot to tell him the title race was meant to be over. Absolutely brilliant in midweek with 2 goals and 2 assist and the movement and interchanging of positions between him, Tevez, Silva and Nasri will be very difficult for any team to cope with.
Tevez - see above, I think he continues while Balotelli is suspended as Dzeko is boring.
Bendtner - Big Nick has been on a very decent goalscoring run recently and there's no reason to think that won't continue against Wolves.
Graham - He's due a goal.

That's it for the players.

My current team:

Robinson, Flanagan, Djourou, Santos, Buzsaky, Sigurdsson, Valencia, Sessegnon, Tevez, Van Persie, Aguero

1.2 left in the bank I quite like it aside from the Robbo risk and Flanagan at 1.00 for a certain zero. If it appears Gibbs is back I'll go Santos to Kilgallon and I'd be hoping for some price changes in the morning to go Flanagan to Lichaj.

I won't be about to chat in the Deadine Countdown thread but I'll schedule the post to start a few hours before deadline. Good luck this week!

P.S. The Blog Cup Final results will be calculated early next week - apologies for the delay.