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Premier League Injuries and Suspensions

How can one 37 year old make THAT much difference?  (Photo by Chris Brunskill/Getty Images)
How can one 37 year old make THAT much difference? (Photo by Chris Brunskill/Getty Images)

The one benefit of there being a truncated schedule this weekend is that there isn't a ton to write about. For many of you, you'll probably be thrilled that there is an outside force limiting the number of words I'm writing. For those who like having long posts to read to kill time while you are preparing your teams, fear not, we'll have a full schedule again next week.

Here's a quick link to SoccerNet's injury report - you can find the highlights for fantasy purposes after the jump:

The official news isn't out yet for Arsenal's match on Monday so you'll have to content yourself with the news Jeremy shared earlier about Santos/Gibbs (Gibbs is 50/50 to be available at all) and Gervinho (who should be ready but may or may not get a start given the form of those he might replace). Otherwise, the questions for the Arsenal match are all about rotation rather than injuries.

The news is actually fairly similar all around the league to be honest. Given how late we are in the season there are very few key injuries that aren't of the extremely long term variety (e.g., Vidic, Wilshere).

Yaya Toure is back for City which will help them greatly. Bassong is suspended for Wolves but I'm not sure if that helps or hurts given his "contributions" since he came over on loan in January (he's definitely the anti-Liam Ridgewell in that respect).

Paul Scholes will be back from rotation which should improve the value of just about every single United player other than Tom Cleverley.

For me, that's about all the injury news that's fit to print (or type). We'll be live tomorrow for the matches. Nik is away celebrating a friend's bachelor party so I'm not sure whether there will be a pre-match chat or not (it is way too early for me to host). You are free to check in and see if Nik has found a little time but please don't be surprised if he hasn't.

See you on the chat over the weekend.