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Premier League News - Sunderland vs. Wolves

Carrying on Neal's fine work in showcasing the best of SB Nation, here is how our Sunderland blog, The Roker Report, is previewing the weekend's match against Wolves.

Preview: Let's Get The Party With Marty Restarted Against Wolves

Here we are, ready to get the ship righted after a thoroughly depressing bank holiday weekend of football, and there's not really a better way than at home, taking on a struggling Wolves side who could well be relegated (bar the shouting) if they are defeated by us.

So let's preview the game. We've got team news from both sides, some tunes to get you through the day, not to mention a classic encounter and some betting tips. Here we go...

Fan Focus: Top Insight On The Molineux Madness From Adam Bate

A nice fresh possibilities-laden Saturday is relentlessly hurtling towards us, which means it is time to turn over proceedings to someone who can tell us all about this weekend's opposition. Or, to put it another way, welcome to Fan Focus.

This week's opposition, Wolves, have had a right old season this term, so obviously we needed someone very good indeed to sift through it all for us. Thankfully, we know just such a man, and are delighted to welcome Adam Bate back to Roker Report.

Adam has written for the likes of In Bed With Maradona, FourFourTwo, WSC, Calcio Italia, TeamTalk, Goal, and his own rather exceptional blog Ghost Goal (click here visit it immediately), so we really couldn't be in better hands this week.