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State of the Nation - Arsenal-Wigan

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Previews of today's Premier League match between Arsenal and Wigan, from SBNation's respective team blogs, The Short Fuse and Pie Eaters Football.

Arsenal vs. Wigan: match preview - The Short Fuse

Arsenal welcome end-of-season-rampant Wigan Athletic to the Emirates tomorrow for their 34th Premier League clash of the year. Wigan are doing their Wigan thing, climbing out of relegation at the last possible moment by doing things like winning against Manchester United, so Arsenal must not take them lightly at all. Arsenal did beat Wigan 4-0 at the DW Stadium back in December, but that was when Wigan were not yet aware that relegation was a thing, apparently. It could be a very different contest tomorrow.

Arsenal v Wigan: Tactical Preview - The Short Fuse
A tactical preview before Arsenal v Wigan.

Preview: Arsenal vs Wigan Athletic - Pie Eaters Footie

Well here we are, at the last of the four games upon which it looked very much like we would get no points, we in actually fact got nine points and were unlucky not to have got ten or even the full twelve. Being cheated against Chelsea really helped us to push on for a great victory against Manchester United.