Yahoo Fantasy Football Book on Amazon

Hi guys, as I hinted during an earlier post, my lack of input over the last few months was because I was trying to write the first of what will probably be a series of titles on Yahoo Fantasy Football. You'll be happy to know that it's now for sale on Amazon!......

I'll admit quite happily that that last sentence brings me quite a lot of pride as there were times when it was quite hard going.

I have released the book under kindle licence so that it can be viewed on iphone, ipad, android phones and tablets, PC's and of course, Kindles! It is currently on sale at least in America, the UK, Germany, France, Spain and Italy but maybe other locations also (to be confirmed). So whats it all about?

Well, with the exception of a few key blog posts and without doubt,, playing well in Yahoo Fantasy Football appears to be a bit of a dark art. I've spent 7 seasons playing, absorbing what I can and learning from others and I wanted to share that information with everyone.

The book itself ranges from beginner to intermediate with some of the more advanced approaches (such as the discussions that Rodeo, Datahead and myself have) being saved for a seperate title. Topics that are covered include; getting started, scoring, fixtures, team selection, bookmakers, return on investment, the transfer market, double game weeks, using excel to pick your perfect team, a week in the season and information sources. Whilst it is probable that parts of the book will only serve to re-enforce what you already know, there will undoubtedly be somethings that are new. ie which betting market can be used to pick the perfect goalkeeper?

The link to the version is:

Yahoo Fantasy Football - Dominating the Competition

and the is:

Yahoo Fantasy Football - Dominating the Competition

You can always also find it by searching for "Yahoo Fantasy Football" in your version of Amazon.

As I'm sure you'll understand, I couldn't spend this significant amount of time creating this book for free so there is a small charge - my intention was to make it cheaper than FHM or Mens Health so it was just like buying a magazine but it's a couple of pence over because of VAT. Dont get me started on books having 0% VAT and ebooks have 20%!

I'd be really grateful if you'd let me know what you think but be gentle :-), it's the first book i've written......