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Dalglish Raises Keeper Question

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... fantasy managers everywhere panic.

There's nothing more that fantasy manager hate than uncertainty. When Jose Reina picked up a red card and a three-match suspension last weekend against Newcastle, it was assumed that Doni would step in for him. Doni has been the number two all season, and was on the bench last weekend. He would have come in for Reina had Liverpool not already used their three substitutes.

But now Kenny Daglish has gone and added just that little bit of doubt that will agonize fantasy managers for days.

"Doni is experienced, obviously coming from Italian football," said the boss.

"He's worked really hard and he's got a lot sharper since he got here with the work he's put in. He's a credit to himself. He looks after himself and comes in every day and works really hard.

"To play the game against Villa would be the next step.

"It's unfortunate circumstances for Pepe but now someone else can step in, either Doni or Brad."

Either Doni or Brad?!?!

That's Brad Jones, formerly of Middlesbrough and Liverpool's number three keeper.

I'm probably overreacting, and Daglish was probably not actually endorsing Jones as a possibility for the weekend. But don't you just hate little asides like that?