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Sadly, this isn't a post to announce that we are taking the reigns of our own fantasy Premier League game. What it IS a post to announce is that SBNation (the mothership for Never Manage Alone and 320+ other sports-focused blogs including many excellent Premier League and MLS blogs) is launching it's first foray into fantasy games today with it's Major League Baseball-based Pick 6 game.

I know many of our international readers may not care or know much about baseball but for those who do care, it is a nice, simple game that you don't need to know every nuance of the game to be successful at. I've been playing the Beta version for the last week or so and for someone who hasn't played an in-depth baseball fantasy game in 15 years or so, I find myself liking it.

I encourage you to give it a try for a couple of reasons:

  1. It will help support SBNation and we're in favor of that
  2. It will validate SBNation's move into fantasy sports which could very well land on our own fantasy Premier League game of some sort in the future (no promises but it won't hurt if the investment they've made in Pick 6 turns out to be a fantastic success).
  3. It will give us something else to talk about over the summer in addition to Major League Soccer fantasy and Euro2012 fantasy and that's always a good thing.
Enjoy the matches this afternoon and hopefully, we'll see you on Pick 6 as well.

Cheers - Neal