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Wednesday Premier League Match Previews

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Match previews from around SBNation.

Chelsea v. Newcastle United

Chelsea Vs. Newcastle, 2012 Premier League Week 36: A Potential 4th Place Eliminator -
In Chelsea's last match against a Champions League contender, they played their second team. Between their fitness issues and their upcoming match against Barcelona, they didn't have much of a...

Team News And Preview: Chelsea FC vs Newcastle FC - We Ain't Got No History

5 Point Preview: Chelsea FC v. Newcastle United - Coming Home Newcastle
Newcastle travel to Stamford Bridge seeking their first win in 19 matches in west London. Here are 5 factors that will likely influence the match.

Bolton Wanderers v. Tottenham Hotspur

Question Time with Cartilage Free Captain - Lion Of Vienna Suite
To get a better perspective on the Spurs, we went to our friend Kevin McCauley of SBN's second-to-none Spurs blog, Cartilage Free Captain. He kindly answered our questions, and what better way to start your match day than by hearing from the enemy?

Bolton Wanderers v. Tottenham Hotspur - Lion Of Vienna Suite
This season, the Reebok Stadium hasn't been the fortress that we have known it as in the past. Bolton haven't been able to carve out a distinct home advantage in recent months but will hope that Spurs' recent history there will come into play.

And Now The Distractions (And Excuses) Are Gone - Cartilage Free Captain
The England job is filled, so there are no more excuses for Tottenham Hotspur

Bolton Wanderers Vs. Tottenham Hotspur Preview: Same Old, Same Old, Win - Cartilage Free Captain
Tottenham Hotspur head to the Reebok Stadium, where they better beat Bolton.