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How U Doin'?


One game-week to go and I've finally had to accept defeat in my attempt for a Top 100 finish. However, I'm still hoping to crack the Top 150, I'm on the verge of my 8th straight Private League title victory over my mates (holding a 45 point lead) and I made it to The Blog Cup Final, so it's been a successful fantasy season overall.

In the "Battle of the Bloggers" I have a slight lead over Jeremy & Neal but we've been trading places on an almost-daily basis in recent weeks so it's still 'all to play for' going in to the final weekend.

What are you fighting for? Are you close to sealing your Private League? Are you in the chasing pack looking to snatch the title right at the death? Are you still hoping for a Top 10 / Top 50 / Top 500 / Top 1000 finish? Let us know!

I'll be back to write my Week 38 Player Picks post but this will be much later in the week (probably Friday) as the Week 38 deadline is a day later than usual - SUNDAY 13TH MAY at 12:00 BST.