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Managerial Roundtable: A Nation Reacts

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Immediate reaction from our Spurs and Chelsea bloggers.

Tottenham Hotspur Announces Harry Redknapp's Departure - Cartilage Free Captain
Tottenham Hotspur have officially parted ways with Harry Redknapp

Chelsea Sign Roberto Di-Matteo To 2-Year Deal - We Ain't Got No History
Chelsea have confirmed that Roberto di Matteo is their new permanent manager.

And a very resigned (bad choice of words?) view on the possibility of David Moyes moving to North London from Royal Blue Mersey, our Everton blogger.

A Rational Look At The Potential Loss of Moyes - Royal Blue Mersey
Certain companies have suspended betting while football reporters have reported everything from the two clubs having compensation talks to Moyes not even being the top candidate in the search. The point is it really doesn't matter. Will Everton be hurt with the loss of Moyes? Possibly, It is also possible that Everton will emerge from this in an even better position.

Surely more to come.