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Yahoo Fantasy Football 2012/13 Open For Business


It's back! Yahoo has opened it's doors for the new season so you can now register your team, start picking players and joining leagues:

Please feel free to add the [@NMA_Blog] tag to your team name when creating your team to help us identify readers on the leaderboard. You'll see me registered as AM FC [@NMA_Blog].

The game looks identical in appearance and scoring to last season, but if you spot any changes please comment below. There are already some bargain available as can be seen above and more will be added as the transfer merry-go-round gets up to full speed.

There will be NMA Blog Leagues set up for the new season, but not for the time being as the format is still being decided. We'll ensure we give you all plenty of notice so that you can be ready to join once they're available.

Until then, enjoy tinkering with your teams. We have exactly 1 month to go until kick-off and (as you may notice) Week 1 will be a double week for Chelsea & Reading.

Spotted any bargains? Annoyed Eden Hazard is listed as a forward?