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Ahead of the Curve: Marouane Fellaini Edition

Head and shoulders above the rest.
Head and shoulders above the rest.

It may be early doors to start saying "we told you so", but since we may not get another chance... We told you that Fellaini was going to be given an advanced, attacking role for Everton this season.

Fantasy Season Preview: Everton

Marouane Fellaini - With Tim Cahill gone the rumor is that Fellaini and his hair will be moved up to the more attacking role that Cahill played to such great effect for seven of the last eight years. If Fellaini can approximate Cahill's 7 to 10 goals per season in that role then his opening price of 6.91 will look like a bargain the size of the Fellaini's 'fro.

We were even talking about this a month ago.

Transfer Update: Everton's Summer So Far

for fantasy value...
… the interesting option is Fellaini pushed up into Cahill’s support role.

Against Manchester United he scored a goal, had many other chances, and almost laid on assists for Steven Pienaar and Leon Osman. Now, Everton have been reinforcing their attack in the transfer market. When the likes of Steven Naismith and Kevin Miralles are match-fit and ready to go, we may yet see Fellaini move back into a more traditional midfield role.

But for now, with Everton having a decent run of matches, he's an intriguing fantasy option.